Spread your wings and explore

Marbella baby ( 4 days )

Day 1.

Wake up get sleep out of eyes, quick shower, clothes and shoes on √
Suitcase and hand luggage 100% sorted √
Passports are deffo still in the bag and haven’t ran off to somewhere else in the house √

All our bags are packed in the car, then we head out of the village for the journey to the airport, I’m partly asleep but still excited for a few days away so woop woop!! I watch out the window for the majority of the ride and close my eyes for 10 mins in an ‘attempt’ to reduce the bags under my eyes :’) but then again this is the airport not some going out occasion so you don’t need to be on top form really, it’s not the Oscars.

Next we drop our suitcases at the check-in desk and head over to security, no surprise that I end up with the full body scan then the pat down, just my luck to actually look suspicious :’)  Next we move towards the shops and restaurants area and head over to Giraffe for a much needed breakfast. Here, I happily chomped down the smoked salmon and scrambled egg bagel with vine tomatoes , washed down with the hippy hippy shake. If you want to see how to make this smoothie for yourself at home, then you can find the ingredients over here on http://www.giraffe.net/menus/drinks I can assure you it was very refreshing! Next stop, the toilet to ‘lower the water table’ as my Grandad likes to put it, then popped to WHSmith for a pair of cheapish earphones as I had forgotten mine *well done Charlotte you silly billy* . Next, naturally had a wander through the beauty areas and looked at a few tempting tops but managed to restrain myself from any other purchases – v proud!!!

Our flight is being called to the boarding so we all walk in an ant like sense with the other passengers, everyone trying to calmly but firmly move quicker towards the front line to start boarding quicker as the plane was very full on this particular day. After some time, we get on the plane – book out, jacket over my lower legs to keep warm and belt on, hit the runway and fly away! 🙂  Coffee and twirl at refreshment time, then continue with my book and watching the scenery change outside.

Wheels on the ground just after lunchtime (in Spain) , aeroplane engine off and we’ve unbuckled our belts heading off to the passport control, then next stop baggage area.  Taking my suitcase off the  cargo belt, everyone else with theirs in tow, we move through arrivals and meet the taxi driver ( with a good playlist ) for our transfer to the hotel watching as we whizz past the shoreline and the rugged sides of the hills.

Once at the hotel, taking our luggage up to reception I am somewhat confused by the outside architectural design from the outside of the hotel (looking part hotel/part hospital with the brick style)  in comparison to the theme of the interior. But love the Moroccan themed walls and artwork displayed throughout the hotel along with the sitemap of its facilities. Esp the balcony –  which would be second of my fav places to sit and write/type poetry or anything else I fancy :’) or listen to some tunes, whilst watching the world go by and listen to the birds singing in the nearby tree!

We go for a quick wander round to get our bearings, figure out who’s sleeping in which  room, then decide to rest for a few hours before tea as I hadn’t slept much the previous night. Quick get ready for tea then we have a hot choc to finish the day, goodbye world!!

Day 2.

Knocking at the door, me on the toilet but dressed in my day clothes, having just woken up only 10mins before  ( as I’d forgotten to adjust my alarm to fit one hour forward)  one of my sisters shouts through the door “come on, time for breakfast now! ”  Chill, Miss Trunchball there’s still 5 mins until the agreed time we all have breakfast. Quickly brush my teeth, grab my sunglasses, shoes on and breakfast time AHOY!

Breakfast over, quick return to room before heading out to town. It was lovely to see such beautiful tile work on some of the buildings even on some steps, there is a lot of intricacy put into the design of some houses or even simply the décor of simple pottery pieces on the walls.  We pondered around some of the shops – me seeing some nice ones about to try them on only to realise they’re way above my price range so it’s a nopeeee and goodbye glance. I was hoping to see the castle but some individuals weren’t having any of it   ……….yes E+J I mean you……… :’) so we strolled along the promenade on the front, mixing in with the buzz just upwards of the beach and admiring the views across the yachts and out to the waters.

Next, we bought some baguettes and bits to have for lunch then came back to the hotel. Spent some time out by the poolside, reading and watching the world go by. Then I facetimed Mum, who couldn’t contain her excitement of being able to now flip the camera round so she could show me our pets as I called to them.  It was really lovely to hear her voice as it’s always so bubbly and upbeat and then I went for what was possibly the world’s longest shower to re-shave and prep for dinner *smacks hand for wasting too much water* . I make a quick cuppa ( don’t you just loveeeeee making hot drinks from the comfort of your own room, I get so overly excited it’s actually sad haha )

Outfit on, shoes sorted and the buffet awaits us! MMMMMMMM TASTY. We head over to the hotel bar afterwards to order a hot choc for myself and Jess, coffee for Dad and orange juice for Ella.  Music  and some pics later then we all head back to the rooms. Cleanse, moisturise and a quick read before bed ( can’t very well betray the characters before I hit the hay now, can I? ) Quick power prayer for people , then off to sleep and hoping not to wake up with my chesty cough before tomorrow – 3 am rudely awakens my sleep before I glug down some water and paracetamol  – then wake up to the birds singing outside which reminds me of home *cheesy, over zealous grin inserted here* .

Day 3.

HOLA! It’s bright and breezy as I open the curtains to reveal beautiful daylight, as it pours into the room and sets a sunny start to my day. Breakfast time rolls around then it’s off to the pool for part of the morning then we head back into the central for a bite to eat at lunch and some fresh oj.

Having a nice wander around the bustling streets, we come across MANGO, so of course we had to pay a visit and see what’s in-store. In the end I opted for these two lovelies

Mango topMango trousers

for a relaxed look on the flight back home as I’d figured it was gonna be too cold for my leggings to cut it – with the weather upon our return to not to sunny Britain, t’was a very happy purchase! After some more trotting around, we decided to call the afternoon off and headed back to the hotel. Here, we headed down to the beach bar where I was treated to a lovely Hendrick’s gin and tonic. It was so lovely to watch the children playing in the sand carefree and smiling; others laughing gleefully, as the waves crashed into them slightly knocking the children off their feet into the shore on their bottoms, finding it far more hilarious than their parents watching eagerly from their sunbeds. I left the barside for a little, the others quite happy in their company and walked into the waters enjoying the lapping of the cool waters around my ankles and the refreshing sea mist drifting upwards and mingling with the ‘holiday scent’ of suncream and smiles.

Off next for teatime to fill up ma belly, pop a dress on back at the hotel then good to go! Today’s dining theme is Italian based, the previous night being focused on Traditional tapas style both of which were equally tasty – but although I can’t quite remember the themes beforehand I’m certain they were all delicious too!  Afterwards we grab a hot choc and I get increasingly excited as I come partially towards the end of my new book, ‘Lone Wolf’ by Jodi Picoult. My bed calls me and I respond by falling into the cosy covers, tucked up and having a scroll through some Pinterest feeds. Scrolling over and I close my eyes as the day comes to an end.

Day 4.

Morning comes around and it’s time for a mini packing session before breakfast to finish bits and bobs for leaving later on.  Off for breakfast to fill up for the morning then hop over to the pool to catch some last morning rays and I start my new book ‘ The Purpose Driven Life’ by Rick Warren.  An hour left, we have a last wander to the beach and drink at the bar before heading back and wheeling our cases to the awaiting taxi at the front. Bags loaded, we turn out onto the main roads and to the airport where we check in and wave bye to Dad(staying for a bit longer) . Next up security, then lunch and a meander around some shops before heading to our gate and waiting for what seemed like forever to get on the plane as it was packed. Take off and landing all good and dandy! Back through the systems at Manchester then in the arrivals area is Mum grinning away/half tearing up at seeing us and comes over to give us all a hug 🙂  Time to head back home now and have a bath then unpack ( it was more like 5 items if I’m honest I did the rest a week later…… ) so there’s that!

Thank you for reading I’m aware that it’s a lot to digest in one sitting unless you fancy grabbing a cuppa partway through, but this is just a first go at a not so detailed travel post. I haven’t written all details of the hol as I like to keep some things personal still but I hope you like it. Let me know what you think and there may be a mini video soon to watch if you’re following me on Twitter @smileeachnewday 🙂

Hope you’re having a fab week, thank you!

Lottie x