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8 tips for winding down at night to get that much needed zzzZZZZZ


So you’re probably already had your tea, finished some work/assignments for the week, or been thinking over what’s gone on at work , then you’ve been scrolling through your social media feeds seeing what’s going on or watching TV. Stop and give yourself time to wind down for a nights restful sleep, your body will thank you for it. More often than not and I’m certainly guilty of it, we don’t give ourselves the required sleep time to fully rest our bodies for them to work at optimum level the following day to be our most productive self. Whether it’s because you’ve procrastinated and needed to finish something til midnight or past then….. /or you’ve been out with friends for food and drinks and got back late in the week (naughty naughty) or simply got caught up in some episodes watching one after the other until your series finishes and you realise you NEED to go to bed asap, where did the time go ?!?

So here’s some tips to try and ease yourself into a healthy bedtime routine, you could pick a few ideas or just one per night for when you’re struggling to get to sleep. Here we go ↓

  1. Eliminate as many backlit electrical items as possible, an hour before you go to bed or turn the brightness down as much as possible.
  2. Put on a relaxing playlist to soothe all the buzz of the day in your head or white noise can be a lovely alternative if you don’t want any lyrics.
  3. Clear your space to make it a relaxing area  (I’m not great at this, if I’m honest).
  4. Take a warm/hot bath with as many or as little added features as you would like – foaming bath soak, a book if you only have this period as your quiet time, a cuppa (yes I do this for real haha). If you’re feeling super fancy mode,  you could light some scented candles , add a red wine glass into the mix and treat yourself to a bath bomb .
  5. Read a good book for enjoyment or alternatively one that’ll bore you to sleep.
  6. Could try the counting sheep method – not that it works every time I just start getting mixed up the more tired I get and get annoyed at myself for miscounting :’) .
  7. Spritz a lavender pillow spray such as  and air it for a few mins before putting your face next to the pillow. Here’s my personal fav .
  8. Have a hot milky drink such as horlicks or hot milk as the delight it it alone! 


So give these a go and let me know what you think!! 🙂  Please bear in mind though these can help, but not be a replacement for professional medical help with insomnia which would require further advice and support from your GP or local practitioner.

Sweet dreams,

love Lottie x