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My latest tattoo!

In loveeeeee with the colours and the design I got from Abbie (tattooist).

I wanted a small floral design with this meaningful verse 🌷✨ so chuffed!!

For my friends and family who have already seen this sorry to bore you,but I’m just so happy with it😭💕

To those wondering what this verse means here ya go ✨

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I would also like to apologise for not posting regularly these last few months. I’ve had a larger workload with being short staffed, plus some personal things which have reduced the time I’ve managed to make content for this blog. I’ve had to focus on myself properly for the last few months as I’m usually the last person to think of fully helping myself before others, but am now back on the track to being my cheerful, loving, happy self trying to focus more often on my own needs💕🥂

Big bear hugs for every single one of you 🐻 love from Lottie x

Writing/reading about happiness

Grow | 1

1 day to the weekend guys!! – she says knowing full well she’s working both days anyway😂 

 So this is a new mini tag I’ll be using every so often, to share some self care and self development bits and bobs you may like to try (or not). 

Although I am currently 21 nearly 22 years old, I have finally realised over the last few years the importance of making sufficient time for yourself and your needs. 

It is extremely important to be there for others of course and support them as you would like to be. But sometimes our heart is too big for our own good, so we end up running round like a headless chicken tending to everyone else’s needs but your own or making decisions to suit others that may not sit 100% right with you.

Don’t get me wrong I’m all up for throwing myself into helping a person and whichever their situation may be, but just make sure you do create personal limitations to what you can and can do for others in order to preserve enough energy for yourself. Otherwise there is a chance that both people/groups will become worn down by not allowing either to rest or spend some time each day looking after/our for themselves in order to restore your holistic health balance.

I love this plant pot I found in Tk Maxx not only because of the marble design ✔️✔️✔️ but because of the typography “ Grow” whether it be mentally or emotionally, physically and spiritually”. Don’t ever stop improving yourself and your life no matter what it may throw at you at whichever point in your life there is so much to be learnt from each day. 

Grow and bloom like these colourful flowers as you continue through your week,

Lottie x 

Writing/reading about happiness

Shots of happiness | Flowers edition

I don’t know about you but I just love spending time outside whether that’s; out in your garden, at a lakeside, in a forest, at a reserve or on the beach. There’s something just so refreshing about the cool air blowing against your cheeks, or the soft pitter patter of raindrops upon the ground – likewise a gorgeously sunny day setting off a scenic area, making it look more picturesque than ever.

This week hasn’t been particularly sunny in England , but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still beauty surrounding us even just a few footsteps outside of our door. So here’s some flowers I liked to look at this week, we mustn’t forget that there’s beauty in everyday although the news mostly shows us otherwise. Please don’t forget to take at least 20 mins each day, to really thoroughly live in the present moment and have a good look at what’s around you.  Hope you all have a fab week and let me know your favourite places to spend time in the outdoors!!


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See you again soon!! Love from Lottie x

Life and all that jazz

My April favourites

The months seem to be whizzing past don’t they? It doesn’t seem like we’re 5 months into 2017 does it, or is this just me? So why not share a few tidbits from each month as they pass us by with each other?

Here are a few of my faves from April ( in no particular order ) you may already have seen/ tried for yourself. So let me know what you think, or comment below if you have any favourites from the last month you’d like to share 🙂

Sanctuary Spa body scrubLemony vibes  - ForsythiaNew addition to my coasters :)Pom pom for my bagLilac rockstar shellacAnd again...


Thanks for stopping by today, hope you have a fabulous week!!

Love from Lottie x