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Pizza Express with Mum 

Mum has been away for a few days this week on a mid week get away and returned this afternoon. As a re-union/welcome back meal my Mum, sisters and I headed out to town so Mum didn’t need to cook. 

Although I actually only remembered to take two pictures, we all very much enjoyed our meals even though I didn’t remember to photograph the others food. ( Just due to me enjoying it so much, which is technically a compliment to the restaurant 😂 ) 

For my starters I had buffalo mozzarella cheese drizzled with pesto, served with piccolo tomatoes. My main was the American  classic pizza – very scrumptious – washed down with San Pelligrino sparkling water. 

Plenty of smiles all around 😊

Love always,

Lottie x

Life and all that jazz

Grandad’s 70th 🎉🎈

Not long back was my Grandad’s special day, hitting the big 70 mark and how proud I am of his life so far – it’s immeasurable!

“You go Glen Coco”    ( just had to sneak a Mean Girls reference in there )

On the big day was a surprise party planned by his wife, due to start just in time for lunch. I have to say I think she did a great job and to everybody else who helped us setting up. Whether it be excellent food from the caterers, table and wall decorations hand made by family, to the helpful bar staff – I don’t think it could have been a more perfect set up for him.

Although we had a near miss with a family members car being recognised on the day, they managed to keep it a close secret until he stepped into the bar to a massive welcoming from all family and friends there to share this milestone moment with him.  As much as Grandad swears he hates surprises, you could tell he really appreciated seeing so many loved ones all together for him and friends he hasn’t seen for a while being there made his day. 

I’m really chuffed he had such a fab time and don’t want to share too many photos with it being a family birthday but here are a few to see. I hope you like them!! 

 Cheers to the future and plenty more laughs together!!      

*chink of my invisible red wine glass* 

Love Lottie x 

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LONE WOLF – book review

Hi there again,

I must apologise, ILone Wolf‘ve been gone a little while as I wasn’t too well, had a  fever and shaky times, but good now!!

I wanted to tell you about one of the books I’ve read recently which is quite different to any others I’ve tried before. As you’ve probably guessed from the title itself – spoiler alert – the book does involve wolves,  but yes it is a cracking piece of fiction also in relation to the human world so let’s go!

Title: Lone Wolf

Author: Jodi Picoult

My thoughts upon reading this book: 

At first I wasn’t totally gripped by the beginning of the story if I’m completely honest it didn’t take my breath away in the first few pages,  but I was intrigued enough to continue reading. Then decided it was definitely going be a treasure so began reading this more frequently as the plot became more complex and you could see fractions of the puzzle starting to come together.

One of my favourite things about Jodi’s writing is how she effortlessly manages to become each character in the story, writing volumes of detail about each of their thoughts . Similarly,  how aware she is of how one character may be feeling inclined towards another and express it so smoothly to her audience, transitioning tones between such gripping situations with both sensitivity and complete defiance, depending upon the characters role helping feed into the plot.

General summary:

A father is lying is his hospital bed in a bad state, his previously fresh bill of health now left reeling from a severe car crash, from which he was lucky to be saved.  As he lies in a coma his daughter and son are left to come to a decision about his life support. However, the family broke down many years back, so all is not out in the air regardless, especially trying to come to a critical conclusion together for the sake of saving/ not saving a life.

Her brother has been living in a different country for several years with next to no contact, although nobody knows quite why he picked up and left that day, when he spoke to Luke their father and claimed he was not returning home. Does he have something to say the others should know of?

Cara the daughter herself, is living between both her Mum’s new family and daughters before heading off to live with her Dad for a while and his pack of wolves. She knows all about being headstrong and learning to adapt to new places and people and could tell you the different members of a pack in under a minute. She can also see how dearly her Dad loves his job outdoors and wouldn’t seemingly want to live a life stuck in a bed all day unable to be with his pack or nurture young animals back to health.

What does Georgie his ex-wife have to say about all this? How is she going to try and keep both her daughter and son happy if they both have different opinions? Hadn’t she just settled into her new family life, before this situation bulldozed into her recent few years of newly married bliss?

With tension building as the past catches up with everybody, there’s bound to be some twists and turns in the road whilst their Dad is still sleeping, but what will the outcome of it all be?


You can purchase the book here from the links below:


Let me know if you have any book recommendations to try and if you have any I should definitely read this summer!! Also if you like this review style and would like to see more please like and share with family and friends. I’m also more than happy to hear your feedback to improve my posts from beginner, so just let me know and I’ll be glad to hear from you!!

Best wishes,

love from Lottie x

Life and all that jazz

The strongest lady

I know the strongest lady,
who carries joy in her ring-o-bell shoes.Mum and I
I know the strongest lady,
who can clear away your blues.

I know the strongest lady,
who takes everything in her stride.
I know the strongest lady,
in who you can confide.

I know the strongest lady,
who smiles in a rainy place.
I know the strongest lady,
nobody could replace.

I know the strongest lady,
who didn’t have an easy start.
I know the strongest lady,
who has the biggest, kindest heart.

I know the strongest lady,
who pulls out all the stops.
I know the strongest lady,
who’ll carry on until she drops.

I know the strongest lady,
who brightens up everyone’s day.
I know the strongest lady,
overcoming everything life throws her way.

I know the strongest lady,
I call her my beautiful Mum.

And she has shaped the person that I (hopefully) have-
and will continue to become.

I love you Mum x