Spread your wings and explore

Leisure lakes sunset 🌒

Spread your wings and explore

Fairy Glen | Furry friends corner 🌿🐶

Daisy: * heh heh heh hehhh* licks nose goes back to panting

Charlie: Well hello there you humans, fine day is it not for an adventure ?

Myself: Hiya! Blimey Charlie, we certainly got a mini workout out of that route with all those steps, especially considering I spent half my time keeping my eyes on you not running off ……

Charlie: I have no recollection of this happening human?? You looked perfectly fine walking through the woods with me, picking up the scents, living freely in the mud

Myself: You mean making sure you didn’t run off on a chase with wildlife and making me dirty from your wrestle sessions with the floor…

Charlie: * sniffs quietly *

Daisy: Ya see, I’m the boss here I say what goes and you better listen. * RUFFFFF * Charlie stop with the pegging it off, it’s getting annoying now when I can’t find you cause of my cataracts – just stay still or you’ll have me to watch out for !!

Myself: So did you have a good time Daisy?

Daisy: Yeah suppose I did yano, can’t complain I needed a breath of fresh air, plus that trip to the other pub after was well good, I made friends with that shepherd dog outside – the one with the waggy tail remember?? Think he was called Jeff but who knows?

Charlie: Hmm, yeah but you weren’t as big a star as me, I walked around the pub inside and everyone I walked up to adored me, just saying how cute I am, they couldn’t resist patting me and telling me that I’m a ‘good boy’.

Myself: Okay, okay I think we’ve heard enough for today guys let’s not argue, we all enjoyed our wander.

Daisy and Charlie: Okay thennnn, guess we both had fun so thank you

Myself: I’m glad we all had fun, here are some pictures so we don’t forget how tranquil it is there when you’re not barking…. Signing off now guys see ya soon x

Life and all that jazz

Lola’s 1st trip to the vets / Pets at home purchases

This is only a short post to my gorgeous monkey a well done for her vaccinations today, she hardly made any sound and even the vet said she was a brave kitty cat!! 

Lola was quick to made sure she stocked up on stacks later and I made sure that Charlie didn’t feel jealous of the (still newish) playmate in the house with a little soft toy and a new outfit for our autumnal wanders.

Everyone’s a happy bunny x 

http://www.petsathome.com There is some really funky bits and bobs in here at the mo for all animals so go and have a mooch!! X