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Appreciation post – Ariana Grande

WOW. Is there anything Ariana can’t do?

The amount of support this 23 year old has gathered in a short time frame, just shows what strength humanity has when it seems to many that all is lost, that actually we have everybody’s back and everything will Be Alright.

No matter the amount of acts, terrorists will try to use, to intimidate or make nations think they should wholly fear them, her actions from the word go after the Manchester attack show that evil never wins. Ever. When they try to scare the public and manipulate those in power to their will through such cowardly acts, what do they presume will be the outcome?! Ariana like many others in this country and beyond, proved to those who commit such actions, that our souls will not be broken or damaged as they desire, but instead we will rise up and let the fire of love, compassion and nurturing Break Free among everybody because we refuse to let them win, we come back stronger and more determined.

The number of people coming together in the name of love and making the best of a bad situation is truly heartwarming to see. Everybody has so much to offer. From the medical teams who have worked hard to save those affected by the attacks, have worked some real wonders at hospital; likewise the police force quickly responding to the situation, to Steve the homeless man providing comfort and reassurance, city folk offering up places to stay for those who were lost or had nowhere to go, cafes offering free meals, celebrities and artists paying tributes, music joining everybody together, red cross immediately raising awareness and providing help.  the dancing policeman providing joy and laughter to those at the benefit concert.

To all the families who have suffered at the hands of IS and felt the world crumbling down around them – Ariana’s quick response to the attacks with her determination and passion to do something big about it,  has given something back to those families and individuals who won’t have quite the same life again as before the attacks. It won’t take away the hurt and the pain of a lost soul, but it shows that even in the toughest of times there is always hope for positive things ahead. Even if your current situation has caused you to fall and hit rock bottom, you will in time be able to stand up again.

Those families and friends  affected will not be beaten and stay there. Instead, they are fighting back murder with love for others and getting back up from the floor with huge amounts of support, donations and show-stopping performance’s at Ariana’s One Love Manchester benefit concert. It really is a large hat’s off ,to such a young woman in the music industry to show lost loved one’s a party from heaven, with a night dedicated entirely to them listening to the beautiful songs from up above One Last Time. Thank you, Ariana.


Don’t let them divide us, we all stand together in love.  ” The Lord is my strength and my song” Exodus 15:2


Keep being you,

love from Lottie x









and further to the point our hope for the nation to become even stronger together with all our differences