Life and all that jazz

Stuffed tuna + avocado peppers 🥑

Ps. I had 2 small glasses of wine not the whole bottle 😂

Enjoy your weekend!!

Love Lottie x

Life and all that jazz

Cheat version of veg soup

~A veg bag from Aldi

~A few diced/chunked potatoes

~Handful of broccoli

~800ml of boiling water

~stock cube of your choice

Simmer for 20 to 30 mins, use potato masher to breakdown the veg if you’d rather have it mixed than separate. Maybe add some croutons or parsley for a finishing touch and hey presto!!

Love from Lottie x 

Life and all that jazz

Preston today🌥

So today I visited Preston on my day off with a new buddy of mine!! We headed to the Harris Museum and very much enjoyed the trip to Heavenly Desserts afterwards. 

Go take a trip yourselves! Although this is a tiny amount of what I took – there’s so much to do and many activities at Harris Museum from writing groups, guided tours, musical groups to craft sessions for children and plenty more.

Also make sure you definitely pop in to Heavenly Desserts afterwards, there is no way you will regret this EVER. It’s one of my solid staples when coming to Preston, give it a go 😋 everything is so delish!!😍

Hope you are all well and dandy,

With love,

Lottie x

Life and all that jazz

10 rainy day activities

As the sing song goes  “it’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring”  I’d say this has been most apt for today’s weather in the North West! However, just because the clouds have opened and decided to have a downfall does not mean you can’t still have a fun filled day! So here are a few suggestions, if you’re twiddling your thumbs for things to do when you wake up to bouncing droplets outside your window pane! 🙂

  1. Get stuck into some baking/cooking you love – you could even drop some of your recipe off at a relatives/friends house nearby, to remind them through some delicious food you are thinking of them.
  2. Re-connect with individuals you haven’t spoken with in a while whether that’s through a letter, phone call, a meet up, e-mail etc.
  3. Make use of your creativity skills – could do some card making, create some decorations for your home, take some photos and turn them into collages, make a bird feeder, .
  4. Cut some shapes to your favourite music or on the wii to a dance set such as    .
  5. Have some quality ME time if you’ve been running around like a headless quicken recently, a bit of pampering will do you the world of good!
  6. Go outside :0 just because it’s raining cats and dogs outside doesn’t mean you can’t still get out there for a wander down the lane with whoever, or pop to the shops for any extras you may need – after all it could give you the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a lovely hot bath when you get back and a nice cuppa!!
  7. Tidy up your home space ( I don’t do amazingly well at this ) but if you’re feeling super motivated for a clean and tidy then go for it, certainly wouldn’t be wasting your time.
  8. Write/read for leisure purposes or get some college/uni work done in chunks to keep your brain active and exercised throughout the day.
  9. Whip out the board games, twister moves, jigsaws and the likes, you could start a tally between family/friends who play.
  10. If you have extra family members of the animal world in your home , spend some extra quality time with them cause who doesn’t like talking to animals? 



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    So bye from Charlie (the happy chappy)  and I for today, hope you’ve had a good week and that you have a fab weekend ahead of you.


Lots of love for everyone, Charlotte x