Life and all that jazz

Mermaid for the night🧜🏽‍♀️

Hey how’s it going?

Good? I’m glad ☺️here is a new eye look from a night out recently with make up by Hannah 🌸 .

This was a late min booking so I was really grateful she was able to fit me in, tysm!!!

Anyhow here are some pics of the colours and glitter used, I wanted to go for something with a pop of colour as I was wearing blue ripped jeans and a simple white top, I fully recommend following her on insta 💯

Mermaid eyes video

Have a fab Monday everyone💓💓💓



My thoughts on this quote

Life, it can be a funny thing sometimes am I right?

Whether you are reading this and having a great day, not so great day, or a downright awful day I want you to do one thing right now. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back or high five yourself for making it through this week okay? Done? Let’s continue….

The purpose of today’s quote is for us to understand that consistency and persistence when bad times come is key. Whether it’s simply a stressful/low mood week for the many, or a long term mental health condition for individuals is worsening – it’s vital to look after yourself and get extra support you need. Whether that’s speaking to your GP, friend/family member, local trusted member of your community, find someone you can speak to or message if you feel uncomfortable on the phone.

We weren’t put in this world to be miserable and unhappy ( although yes sometimes it can feel like it ) but then at a singular point ( or several ) it can feel like too much, everything overwhelms you and you feet start to feel not so stable along with your mind. It’s at these times you may feel you want to give up, that the world and it’s wife wouldn’t be bothered if you were in it or not, would you even be missing out on much if you feel the way you do, why do you need to be here?!

Let me tell you YOU ARE MEANT TO BE HERE. You are here for a reason otherwise your life would have been naturally taken away so it is not your time, there is joy in store for you in the future. You, like the wave in the picture may be tired of constantly battling with life and your head, then it’s been wearing you down but not getting anywhere positive quick. Remember the story ‘ The Hare and The Tortoise ‘ slow and steady wins the race. Don’t try to rush yourself, it’s okay to make mistakes we’re only human.

But believe in yourself enough to know that you keeping going could lead to a greater time than you would have ever thought of if you don’t give up on yourself and keep trodding along even if you need to adjust things for a while to give you peace of mind, do what you need to do to be at peace within yourself and with the outer world.

Love to everyone,

Lottie x 😘

Life and all that jazz

February nail polish!

Being it the month of love in Feb – whether that’s between partners, family, friends, pets, agape, or simply love of nature/a sport/ of baking etc.

Why not have a deep red with some shimmer for that love you’ll be spreading with those around you?

This is a lovely team in Ormskirk – who would be more than happy to take care of and enhance your natural beauty/skincare. Visit their work at The Beauty Rooms!!!

Hope January has brought good things to you all 🙂

Love Lottie x

Life and all that jazz

Mr Thompsons’ bakery | Lilli’s lovelies gift box


Recently we received a beautiful gift from the one and only Mr.Thompsons Bakery a hardworking team in Lancashire comprising of father and daughter, sharing a love for baking and making beautiful yet delicious products to sell from their workshop, online and on weekend stalls. To say my Mum was more than happy to receive this bumper box surprise full of tasty handmade goodies would be an understatement!! Especially with a mini bottle of wine bobbed in for good measure, she was very impressed 😂

To find this fab team, head over to their Instagram at Mr Thompson’s Bakery or Mr Thompson’s Bakery website to find delicious local cakes and tickle ya tastebuds treats!!

re are just some examples of their lovely creations 👇🏼

Having tried several different products myself over time, I 100% recommend you go try/order one ( or a few ) what are you waiting for? 😉

Lots of love,

Lottie x

Lots of love,

Life and all that jazz

L’Oréal glow face mask

Incase you’re wondering yes, those are my pj’s and I haven’t sorted my hair out before my shower – but it made sense to do my face mask before the shower, to be clean and not get any products on day clothing 🙂

For me this mask did definitely achieve smoothness, my skin feels as soft as a baby’s bottom!!

This mask has done great at the exfoliating job, however there was little to no reduction of redness around my chin so here’s to more weekly face masks and extra water to see if my skin needs a push!!

Have a fab Thursday,

Love from Lottie x