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Blogger Recognition Award

First of all I just want to say a MAHOOSIVE thank you to the fabulous blogger/writer RAIN at The Withering blog.

I am really made up you thought to nominate me for this award and I love the thoughtful comments you leave on my posts, they show your vibrant personality and love for similar interests to myself. #TWINSSSSSSSSSSS.

Give a brief summary of how your blog started:

I always used to fancy the idea of blogging from about 15 as I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing since I was young but never really looked into the format and style of it til a year or so ago. So one day last year I just thought hey ho why not? What’s the worst that could happen?

I see blogging as a space to write some thoughts, poems (keep most of those in my notebook) , connect with others, learn new things and share other bits and bobs I enjoy to bring up throughout life. Although I used to quite enjoy writing mini children’s books for my own enjoyment, obviously it’s not easy to get your voice out there so I thought a better option might be to just write in post format about day to day things to better become some part of an online writing community.

Another reason is so that some of our further distance relatives can have a look at some of what is going on in my and my family’s life during the times we can’t see them. Although I do not feel completely comfortable doing so yet, in the future I do hope to share some life experiences with readers that could help them in their own lives.

Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers:

PSSST I don’t really feel ‘qualified’ to do this bit, as I do class myself as a beginner blogger but here goes 🙂

  1.  Be true to yourself, don’t try to copy anyone’s style to make yourself like a big time pro you see all the time. It’s okay to get some inspiration from others, but remember your posts are more than enough to intrigue others in your own right!
  2. Not all your posts will receive the views you would have hoped for, but that’s good because then you can see where your audience’s interests lie and how you can tailor some of the posts to be better suited to them for future reference 🙂 And as for the posts that do go well, that’s fab you’re creating content people are taking time to read out of their busy day!!

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Comment on each blog/ message them and let them know you have nominated them for this award  

Thank you for dropping by today guys, hope you’ve had a good Saturday!

Lottie x


Life and all that jazz

2 fears I have overcome

scared clip art

I have been scared of ghost trains/ scarehouses and the likes of these for as long as I can remember; plus any best friend of mine would tell you I am not the greatest person to be sat with during a horror movie – hence the need for me to help reduce or if possible eliminate those fears. Although I knew nothing could actually happen and I would not be hurt at all, I used to get nightmares as silly as that sounds for 2/3 nights after I watched what I classed to be a ‘very scary’ movie  around 8 years old  in the dark at home and even the last few years I would be unable to get it out of my mind properly although mostly without nightmares.

What have I been doing to rectify/help myself + childhood fears :’) with this?

I intentionally take myself onto ghost trains or any format of ‘spooky ride’ whenever I’m in a theme park kind of area. Don’t get me wrong I’m your girl that’s up for dramatic rollercoasters twists and turns no matter what the height/speed- but when it comes to ghouly stuff that’s when I edge off.  I watch the odd horror at times with my friends, one of which will tell you I practically sat half scrunched up in a ball at 21 years old, not scared at all …………….. watching a horror film, body angled towards the TV yet facing the wall 😂🙈 Continue reading “2 fears I have overcome”

Life and all that jazz

New bed side lamp eeek!! 😄

So I’ve recently decided to revamp some of my room and seeing as my last bed lamp died about 2 years back……. ( R.I.P midnight reading ) I decided it was about time I got a new one instead of having to use the main bedroom light or my phones torch setting 😂

I got this from The Range shop and was looking for something with a nature vibe as I love the beauty of the outdoors. So upon seeing this backdrop of trees decided immediately that was the one for me. Let me know of your favourite things to add to your bedroom ✨

Love Lottie x

Life and all that jazz

Missing this girlie 🎀

Not long back this chica, returned back to uni for her 2nd year so on this particular night we decided to have a real good evening before Hattie went away. 

These photos are a tad blurry but I can’t express how much fun I have with this girlie!! We always have the best time together so I just thought I’d share a glimpse of our friendship. 

Cheers to laughter, friendship and being yourself!!


Love Lottie x 

Life and all that jazz

Home made rice pudding

I don’t know about you – but to me home made rice pudding is one of my all fav puddings of all seasons!! In particular of course these more breezy, chilly days do give it an extra oomph factor with it being a comfort food for those not so warm months ahead. Why not treat yourself to a cheeky tuck-in ………..?

Here are the main ingredients my Mum and I use in our kitchen, but obviously you can add extras such as cinnamon or nutmeg, maybe a touch of strawberry jam?






Enjoy your Saturday guys and remember to find me on twitter! 🙂


Love from Lottie x

Life and all that jazz

Fantastic Friday – furry friends

Ah the outdoors
Ah the outdoors
Bench shot ft. Daisy's unimpressed face
Bench shot ft. Daisy’s unimpressed face
"WHAT it's time for the vets?  NOOOO! "
“WHAT it’s time for the vets? NOOOO! “
" Do you like my new brows? Look at me human! "
” Do you like my new brows? I demand you look at me human! “


Hope you like these pics of Charlie and Daisy our little babies in the fam 🙂 Feel free to come up with your own annotations/ ideas about their thoughts in these photos!

Have a funky Friday everyone!!


Lottie x