Life and all that jazz

New poster for my bedroom ☺️✌🏼🐯

I found this in the sale at Debenhams a few weeks back, but have had my eye on styles like this for a while – because I think it’s so important to remember how important your individuality is!! 

When I couldn’t find any others I liked quite as much, I decided to snatch it up after work one day for £12 so I’m very pleased with this purchase. It has a lot of my favourite colours (asides from purple) and I love the cursive handwriting print✔️

Please don’t forget to remind yourself daily of who you are, where you have been and of the person you want to grow to be for your future 😊

Love always,

Lottie x 

Life and all that jazz

Jade Francesca’s MUA insta | wedding guest make-up 🌸

Once again my fabulous friend used her creativity and artistic flair, to create this simple yet effective smokey eye look for a family wedding. 

I loved the combination of colours used with the nude lip and can’t thank Jade enough for a quick last min hair up as I’d forgotten to book myself in at the hairdressers. #lifesaver

So anyhow here are some pics of her handiwork on myself👇🏼

Thank you Jade!! 😘 find more of her work over at:
Love always to everyone,

Lottie x 

Life and all that jazz

Preston today🌥

So today I visited Preston on my day off with a new buddy of mine!! We headed to the Harris Museum and very much enjoyed the trip to Heavenly Desserts afterwards. 

Go take a trip yourselves! Although this is a tiny amount of what I took – there’s so much to do and many activities at Harris Museum from writing groups, guided tours, musical groups to craft sessions for children and plenty more.

Also make sure you definitely pop in to Heavenly Desserts afterwards, there is no way you will regret this EVER. It’s one of my solid staples when coming to Preston, give it a go 😋 everything is so delish!!😍

Hope you are all well and dandy,

With love,

Lottie x

Life and all that jazz

Montagne Jeunesse seaweed face mask 💆

Yesterday, I picked up this mask from a nearby Boots store, treating myself to a pamper hour as a new part of my selfcare routine. 

It did not disappoint!! My skin is usually normal/combination.

However I’ve had a bit of a stressful time this week for personal reasons, so I gained some acne developments primarily in the T- zone chin area as shown by the honest photo I don’t like very much 😂below of my skin this week. 

I thought I’d try something a little different to my usual moisturising/ calming ski tone one to target this area hence choosing the seaweed peel – off. Here’s how it went ⬇️

Just me pretending to be a goldfish as you do …….. blub blub blub😂

This stayed on for 20-25 mins and although I didn’t take a pic afterwards ( I was rushing to meet someone ) I definitely noticed the redness had gone down by about 80% and felt a lot less aggravated to touch when cleansing later on. 2-3 of the spots actually dried out and fell off when I went to bed so I do have to recommend this for doing a good job!! 

My skin felt very fresh and purified afterwards so I will continue to use this in the future definitely ✨ good job my skin approves 😊 

I’ll be sure to try more in the range over time, but for now I’m pleased to say this product works for me! 

Have a good week guys and let me know if you have any favourite masks/ skincare products.

Love always,

Lottie x 

Life and all that jazz

Grandad’s 70th 🎉🎈

Not long back was my Grandad’s special day, hitting the big 70 mark and how proud I am of his life so far – it’s immeasurable!

“You go Glen Coco”    ( just had to sneak a Mean Girls reference in there )

On the big day was a surprise party planned by his wife, due to start just in time for lunch. I have to say I think she did a great job and to everybody else who helped us setting up. Whether it be excellent food from the caterers, table and wall decorations hand made by family, to the helpful bar staff – I don’t think it could have been a more perfect set up for him.

Although we had a near miss with a family members car being recognised on the day, they managed to keep it a close secret until he stepped into the bar to a massive welcoming from all family and friends there to share this milestone moment with him.  As much as Grandad swears he hates surprises, you could tell he really appreciated seeing so many loved ones all together for him and friends he hasn’t seen for a while being there made his day. 

I’m really chuffed he had such a fab time and don’t want to share too many photos with it being a family birthday but here are a few to see. I hope you like them!! 

 Cheers to the future and plenty more laughs together!!      

*chink of my invisible red wine glass* 

Love Lottie x 

Writing/reading about happiness

Advice from a Greek side street :)


So this was taken a few years back in Lindos, but the quote still very much stands for every part of our day – to – day life!

Please be sure just to take some time for yourself each day, to think about these words and what they mean to you. Being in whichever profession you choose, spending time with those who create a positive impact on your life and growing each and every year towards your best self.





Hope everybody has a lovely weekend!!

Love from Lottie x