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Present’s from Mum’s trip to Edinburgh

Earlier this week Mum headed off with her Auntie to Edinburgh, for some girlie time over a few days looking around and having a refresher. Here’s some bits and bobs  of what they’d been up to; going into the *must see*  dungeons , visiting the Greyfriars Bobby statue, popping to the cinema to see ‘Viceroy’s house’, HolyRoodhouse,  walking along the Royal Mile and helping themselves to the cocktail version for good measure…… One delectable favourite she brought back was a mint chocolate sweet treat from the Royal Yacht Brittania.

Anyhow, here are the thoughful gifts my Mum brought home for me as a memento of her time away this week, just liked to share them with you as  a part token of appreciation ( I obviously thanked her very much in person too).

Hope you like them , have a fab weekend guys!!

Lottie x


Deer earrings in unique packaging 🙂
Mini bunny ornament for the window sill
Writing/reading about happiness

The Happiness Project

Bazinga and we’re back again! Today I’d like to share of my favourite things with you, I  bought on holiday a few years back. A one day trip to Coronado Island  brought us to a lovely bookstore, however, I cannot remember the name of it for the life of me, but it did have a welcoming atmosphere and beautiful arrays of books.

I’m so glad I stumbled upon this one sentence journal by Gretchen Rubin, by the shallows of the window light inside the wooden case was this little gem!

So for me personally, the first thing I noticed about this journal was it’s simplicity, clear cut colour theme and single bird art on the front cover which gives a really uplifting touch to it.  I also really love the quotes and teachings at the header of each page, gives you an extra something to think about for every day. But perhaps my favourite thing of all about is this journal is that it spans 5 years. There is no printed stating date which leaves you to mark your first one sentence on the specific day you’re on whichever year you may have purchased it in. To me that is quite special as I can’t trust my memory to fully remember some of my favourite memories in life so I am using this book as a ‘memory card’. This way I can’t forget all the small or large things in life that make me extremely grateful and bring back moments of pure, unstoppable laughter, or a grin as wide as the Cheshire Cat’s.

I don’t know about you but most days I can never finish a full length day journal, I just about keep my diary and calendar up to date! Of course I start, year after year with the best intentions of writing a few pages of a journal per day, but being realistic I know I’m unlikely to follow it up properly. I love to write poetry and occasionally attempt a short story, so I personally think I would rather put more energy into those rather than a few diary pages per day.  Anyhow we get the drift I’m not a major journal/diary person. Maybe you are and that’s fab! We’re all different , whichever works for you 🙂

Here are just a few examples of things I have put in, clearly I’m far from finishing my journal on some pages, but I’m getting there across the years for a spectrum of different treasures to remember so that I can make it last over 5 years for a real variety to look back through.

This journal can be bought online at, so I would really like to recommend it to you guys out there. Find 5 mins per day for a simple sentence or two, alternatively once or twice every week if you want to have 5 years+ and write down what makes you most happy on those particular days.

Thank you for stopping by today, best wishes and keep smiling!

Lottie x

Life and all that jazz

Don’t stay stuck in your comfort zone


So this is me around 8ish years old, whilst on a holiday with my family in Corsica. (My family are not in the photograph)

As I started walking across this bridge at the time I was slightly jittery – being fully aware that at any moment I could miss a step, or slip and fall through the sides of the rope which somebody had just dived through – and risk a flailing fall to the water below  (infront of a rather large audience to the sides of this photograph).

However, by the time I had gotten midway across the ropes and  saw those cheery faces clapping me across, plus realising it wasn’t such a bad drop to think about if I just looked forward, I became more confident in my footsteps not clinging to one side more so than the other, heading straight down the middle although some sunlight was in my eyes I was feeling no more pinch of worry or slight fear.

Instead, a proudness of pushing myself to climb up those rocks with my Dad and walking by myself at a height with no help gave me an adrenalin kick and was delighted that I had gotten such a  different view and boost of confidence from simply not staying content in the water at these particular mountain lakes and taking on what else the location had to offer.

Now I know I’m speaking for myself and many others when I say “Yes, it is so easy to stay put at you are keeping to your usual routines or habits”  and not really making any changes that come from pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. But it really is one of the keys in your life you can use to unlock so many other doors. I am guilty like a lot of people of not always pushing myself out of my comfort zone and then thinking I will do it another day, then other times I do and the sense of achievement you feel from not listening to that worry for 2 minutes is worth it .

One of the favourite things I have done which pushed me out of my comfort zone was I completed the summer I left high school. I won’t go into detail now as I could write you a separate post on NCS itself, but I will say it definitely transforms your character and adds to your abilities.

So for today all I want to say is , try to put yourself out there whenever possible to try something different without too much fear of what could or could not come from it. Drastic changes everyday may be a bit much sometimes, but remember to challenge yourself every so often to grow and improve as an individual.

In the words of Dr.Seuss ” You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose”

I’m off for a cuppa, thank you!

Charlotte x

Life and all that jazz

Throwback to my first posts before I discovered WordPress!

These are simply some screenshots of previous content I have created before deciding to move sites and start mostly afresh on this platform – WordPress.  Feel free to browse through some pics at your own leisure to get the gist of some things I post about.

Or if you have any further questions about these and would like to hear more let me know so I can expand on previous posts, likewise I’m very open to constructive feedback if there is something you think could be improved or simply if you have a new idea about anything I have already mentioned in the post screenshots below.

I will be posting ‘in a regular way’ from now on no more screenshots of previous posts, but it just seemed a bit of a shame to throw the others away into the wilderness, removing my other account so thought it would be a mini starter for you guys out there so see what kind of things I talk about.

So have a gander and keep smiling,

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Lottie x