Baking with Hattie 👩🏻‍🍳

Let’s get to work!


Snowmen cupcakes
Terry’s chocolate orange cupcakes

It would be a lie for me to say we didn’t eat one immediately afterwards, they were too delish!! As for the rest of our girlie evening, we enjoyed a refreshing face mask time and comedies on Netflix with Lola watching close by 🙂

Let us know if you have any other ideas for us to try together!

Lots of love Lottie x


My favourite pins for today!

Hope you’ve all had a fab weekend so far here’s to the week ahead!  I’m a major fan of pinterest (ngl) so it’s quite hard to decide on just 4 for today but have a scroll down and I hope you like these pins as much as I do!

New words are so intriguing
Trying to focus on this
Judy Dench
Dame Judy Dench
Phenomenal woman
Maya Angelou poetry never fails to wow me
Hope you’ve had a fab weekend!!
Love from Lottie x 


Tip #117: How To Stop Being Afraid Of The Future

So important for everyone to remember! X

1000 Ways To Be Fearless

Tip #117: See the uncertainty of the future as a blessing in a very terrible disguise.

The Why: I must admit, even when writing the title of this particular tip, I was uncertain that it was truly possible.

Get it? No? Anyway…

You see, the future is commonly thought as the anxious persons absolute worst nightmare.

So many of our worries, or as I like to call them, the ever-growing-ever-whirling-vortex-of-fear-and-panic-inside-my brain-ies, are based on the possibilities of the future.

The many ‘what-ifs’ that the world has to offer.

You may ask yourself questions like: “what if this terrible thing happens? What if that terrible thing happens? What if both of those terrible things happen at once? What if both of those terrible things happen at once and I’m somehow also naked and in public?”

Because the future has so many unknowns, there is so much more to worry about. So…

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