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8 tips for winding down at night to get that much needed zzzZZZZZ


So you’re probably already had your tea, finished some work/assignments for the week, or been thinking over what’s gone on at work , then you’ve been scrolling through your social media feeds seeing what’s going on or watching TV. Stop and give yourself time to wind down for a nights restful sleep, your body will thank you for it. More often than not and I’m certainly guilty of it, we don’t give ourselves the required sleep time to fully rest our bodies for them to work at optimum level the following day to be our most productive self. Whether it’s because you’ve procrastinated and needed to finish something til midnight or past then….. /or you’ve been out with friends for food and drinks and got back late in the week (naughty naughty) or simply got caught up in some episodes watching one after the other until your series finishes and you realise you NEED to go to bed asap, where did the time go ?!?

So here’s some tips to try and ease yourself into a healthy bedtime routine, you could pick a few ideas or just one per night for when you’re struggling to get to sleep. Here we go ↓

  1. Eliminate as many backlit electrical items as possible, an hour before you go to bed or turn the brightness down as much as possible.
  2. Put on a relaxing playlist to soothe all the buzz of the day in your head or white noise can be a lovely alternative if you don’t want any lyrics.
  3. Clear your space to make it a relaxing area  (I’m not great at this, if I’m honest).
  4. Take a warm/hot bath with as many or as little added features as you would like – foaming bath soak, a book if you only have this period as your quiet time, a cuppa (yes I do this for real haha). If you’re feeling super fancy mode,  you could light some scented candles , add a red wine glass into the mix and treat yourself to a bath bomb .
  5. Read a good book for enjoyment or alternatively one that’ll bore you to sleep.
  6. Could try the counting sheep method – not that it works every time I just start getting mixed up the more tired I get and get annoyed at myself for miscounting :’) .
  7. Spritz a lavender pillow spray such as  and air it for a few mins before putting your face next to the pillow. Here’s my personal fav .
  8. Have a hot milky drink such as horlicks or hot milk as the delight it it alone! 


So give these a go and let me know what you think!! 🙂  Please bear in mind though these can help, but not be a replacement for professional medical help with insomnia which would require further advice and support from your GP or local practitioner.

Sweet dreams,

love Lottie x

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Mental health awareness week

So this year from 8th to 14th May, this week is given dedication to the increasing issues of mental health throughout our society and many other places in the world. The theme picked this year by  is based on ‘thriving or surviving’ aimed to make people think about where they are standing with their mental health, or if they have concerns about other individuals they know.

As you will most likely be aware, there are plenty of different mental health conditions out there including; anxiety, bipolar disorder, body dysmorphic disorder, borderline personality disorder, depression, dissociative disorder, eating disorders, hypomania, PTSD, schizophrenia and more.

Yet, it’s such a shame that so many people feel they cannot say anything to others purely because of the stigma created around these ‘imaginary/time consuming’ issues as some people like to call it. The type of individuals who only see a broken leg or something similar as a ‘real’ injury or damaged area in the body because they can see it in front of their own eyes, that that specific part of the body is not fully functioning to it’s optimum level because it requires care to the wound  – surprisingly much like the organ our brain for people with a mental health condition would you guess ???  This type of ignorance and lack of involvement; or driving up the wrong street with a conclusion of their own on a contradictory level, will only  further lead to other symptoms of depression for individuals such as –  those people feeling unsupported, having no sense of direction or purpose, losing interest in things they usually like doing and acting differently around those they know, eating differently, sleeping less/more ( and plenty others ) .

mental health brain

Statistics from  show us that only a shocking 13% of people reported good mental health this year, over a quarter of people having experienced panic attacks but feel free to go and look for more stats yourself.  Good mental health is absolutely vital for the wholeness of individuals and society as mentioned below ↓

mental health


This is very important that we most importantly understand, but also play a large role in our own mental health to help it flourish and grow, and to help others as much as we possibly can without impeding or giving too much of ourselves that we burn out and are unable to help either.  I myself am very familiar with different types of mental health disorders as many of my family and friends have been affected by a variety of these from milder to severe, so I do understand how different each type of condition can cause numerous symptoms you may not have recognised in someone else, I have also personally struggled with 2 of these conditions myself so I am not writing this from an outsider’s viewpoint. If you yourself are reading this and feel you don’t know what to do, or are worried about someone – send me a message and I’ll try to help as much as I can. Not getting the help you need and rightly deserve will only make things worse, make mental health your priority just like heading to your GP about any other problem that’s bothering you, make time to help your head, it will be worth it in the long run!

But for more professional help and medical support here are a few websites below you can check out for in depth info and tips on finding out about and dealing with mental health disorders, or taking some tests to see if you need to take a trip to your doctors, they are there to help support you with your health after all and will surely do what they can to try and find different types of treatment for you, whether that be a type of talking therapy, or a medicine to help you balance your day to day life a little easier .

Now for my extremely cheesy sentence I have just partly stolen……. don’t just survive, help yourself and others thrive!

Lots of love from Lottie x

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My April favourites

The months seem to be whizzing past don’t they? It doesn’t seem like we’re 5 months into 2017 does it, or is this just me? So why not share a few tidbits from each month as they pass us by with each other?

Here are a few of my faves from April ( in no particular order ) you may already have seen/ tried for yourself. So let me know what you think, or comment below if you have any favourites from the last month you’d like to share 🙂

Sanctuary Spa body scrubLemony vibes  - ForsythiaNew addition to my coasters :)Pom pom for my bagLilac rockstar shellacAnd again...


Thanks for stopping by today, hope you have a fabulous week!!

Love from Lottie x

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Thank you to Lindsayrose for my Liebster Award!

Boo it’s me again!  Today I just wanted to say a massive well done to on gaining your Liebster award that’s great!! And another mahoooosive thank you for my nomination to receive the Liebster award!! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it 🙂

Liebster award

From my understanding The Liebster Award exists online, given within the blogging community and from what I’ve read the word has German origins meaning – beloved, sweetest, affectionate, loving etc, to pass around an award of kindness and appreciation to others recentish to blogging for their different niches which is lovely.

So in line with the rules of the award I will post eleven facts about myself, then answer the questions chosen by my nominee. After that, I will choose 11 nominees for myself and 11 questions they can respond to if they choose to take part, in order for this reward to continue being passed from one to another ” on that there tinternet ” as my Grandad would say.

Here are 11 things about me in no particular order 🙂

  1. I love smelling fresh flowers and newly cut grass
  2. I frequently embarrass myself in day to day life – ask my friends
  3. It annoys me when people don’t use their manners
  4. I find baking relaxing when I have spare time
  5.  I love sitting watching the water – whether on a bench at a lake or a pebbly beach next to the sea
  6. I love to travel and see new places/ meet new people
  7. A good cuppa tea is probably what I consume most of other than water, then fruit juice comes along etc
  8. I like people who make me laugh/smile whenever I see them 🙂
  9. I’m a fan of poetry
  10. I like all unicorn related things
  11.  I love seeing musicals

These are the questions for me to answer from my nominee Lindsay! 🙂 So here goes…

  1. Favourite holiday destination?  This is really tough as I love so many different places for a variety of reasons, but I’d probably have to say it’s between Venice and Guernsey.
  2. Favourite Food? OOOOH some of me wants to say pasta, the other is saying strawberries hmmm.
  3. What is your most last minute decision you ever made?   Not totally sure what to pick if I’m honest, I am guilty of making  last minute decisions definitely not hiding anything, I just don’t know what to pick :’) 
  4. Where do you live? In the North West of England with the chippy tea population :’)
  5. Phone or lipstick? Phone not so much for using data or calling, more the looking through photos and videos as I’m quite a sentimental person  who could spend hours looking through bits and bobs , plus I’d be gutted if I lost them rather than a lippy :’) 
  6. If you had one wish what would it be? To have a chance partway through life to ask God what the plan is for my life – but then again it’s all about finding out life’s pathway for yourself with help from the big man and of course family and friends/ alternatively I would have liked to have asked my Great Grandma more about being one of the WRENS.
  7. Do you have any siblings? Yes, I have two sisters Ella and Jessie.
  8. What is your number one TO DO on your bucket list?  Not so much a no.1 as I want to do them all as much as my other ideas :’) but I do quite fancy going to The Great Wall of China at some point in life or Niagara Falls would be really cool.
  9. What is your earliest memory? My earliest memory that I can remember (without putting my mindset and self in the frames of baby pictures ) would probably be walking through the woods with my Grandad, Mum and sisters for an afternoon wander, then going to get some food.
  10. How much sleep do you usually get? ERMMMMM, varies a lot haha. I would prefer it to be 9 hours per night but typically 6 – 7 and 1/2 or sometimes 3 on a night ‘out out’ but thank fully I don’t do that every week haha otherwise I’d be a sunken ship.
  11. Bath or shower? I’m a sucker for a hot bath at the end of a long day if I just want to sit down and chill for a bit with a good book. I wouldn’t knock a shower though, as it’s definitely a more refreshing option for waking yourself up quicker in the morning 🙂

So now is the part where I’ll nominate 11 people for the award too 🙂



My 11 questions for you to follow up or not are below 🙂

  • Do you prefer the warmer/ colder months?
  • What’s your favourite destination within your own country?
  • If you could eat dinner with a celebrity (present/past) who would you choose?
  • What’s your favourite animal?
  • Most recommended restaurant you’ve mentioned to others?
  • Are you more of a wordsearch or suduko person?
  • Have you got a special talent/skill?
  • Do you prefer towns or the country?
  • Creative/ analytical?
  • Are you an animal person?
  • Tell us 1 piece of life advice given to you which you have always remembered


Have a fab evening everyone!!

Love from Lottie x

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10 rainy day activities

As the sing song goes  “it’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring”  I’d say this has been most apt for today’s weather in the North West! However, just because the clouds have opened and decided to have a downfall does not mean you can’t still have a fun filled day! So here are a few suggestions, if you’re twiddling your thumbs for things to do when you wake up to bouncing droplets outside your window pane! 🙂

  1. Get stuck into some baking/cooking you love – you could even drop some of your recipe off at a relatives/friends house nearby, to remind them through some delicious food you are thinking of them.
  2. Re-connect with individuals you haven’t spoken with in a while whether that’s through a letter, phone call, a meet up, e-mail etc.
  3. Make use of your creativity skills – could do some card making, create some decorations for your home, take some photos and turn them into collages, make a bird feeder, .
  4. Cut some shapes to your favourite music or on the wii to a dance set such as    .
  5. Have some quality ME time if you’ve been running around like a headless quicken recently, a bit of pampering will do you the world of good!
  6. Go outside :0 just because it’s raining cats and dogs outside doesn’t mean you can’t still get out there for a wander down the lane with whoever, or pop to the shops for any extras you may need – after all it could give you the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a lovely hot bath when you get back and a nice cuppa!!
  7. Tidy up your home space ( I don’t do amazingly well at this ) but if you’re feeling super motivated for a clean and tidy then go for it, certainly wouldn’t be wasting your time.
  8. Write/read for leisure purposes or get some college/uni work done in chunks to keep your brain active and exercised throughout the day.
  9. Whip out the board games, twister moves, jigsaws and the likes, you could start a tally between family/friends who play.
  10. If you have extra family members of the animal world in your home , spend some extra quality time with them cause who doesn’t like talking to animals? 



  11. This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    So bye from Charlie (the happy chappy)  and I for today, hope you’ve had a good week and that you have a fab weekend ahead of you.


Lots of love for everyone, Charlotte x

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The strongest lady

I know the strongest lady,
who carries joy in her ring-o-bell shoes.Mum and I
I know the strongest lady,
who can clear away your blues.

I know the strongest lady,
who takes everything in her stride.
I know the strongest lady,
in who you can confide.

I know the strongest lady,
who smiles in a rainy place.
I know the strongest lady,
nobody could replace.

I know the strongest lady,
who didn’t have an easy start.
I know the strongest lady,
who has the biggest, kindest heart.

I know the strongest lady,
who pulls out all the stops.
I know the strongest lady,
who’ll carry on until she drops.

I know the strongest lady,
who brightens up everyone’s day.
I know the strongest lady,
overcoming everything life throws her way.

I know the strongest lady,
I call her my beautiful Mum.

And she has shaped the person that I (hopefully) have-
and will continue to become.

I love you Mum x


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Present’s from Mum’s trip to Edinburgh

Earlier this week Mum headed off with her Auntie to Edinburgh, for some girlie time over a few days looking around and having a refresher. Here’s some bits and bobs  of what they’d been up to; going into the *must see*  dungeons , visiting the Greyfriars Bobby statue, popping to the cinema to see ‘Viceroy’s house’, HolyRoodhouse,  walking along the Royal Mile and helping themselves to the cocktail version for good measure…… One delectable favourite she brought back was a mint chocolate sweet treat from the Royal Yacht Brittania.

Anyhow, here are the thoughful gifts my Mum brought home for me as a memento of her time away this week, just liked to share them with you as  a part token of appreciation ( I obviously thanked her very much in person too).

Hope you like them , have a fab weekend guys!!

Lottie x


Deer earrings in unique packaging 🙂
Mini bunny ornament for the window sill
Life and all that jazz

Don’t stay stuck in your comfort zone


So this is me around 8ish years old, whilst on a holiday with my family in Corsica. (My family are not in the photograph)

As I started walking across this bridge at the time I was slightly jittery – being fully aware that at any moment I could miss a step, or slip and fall through the sides of the rope which somebody had just dived through – and risk a flailing fall to the water below  (infront of a rather large audience to the sides of this photograph).

However, by the time I had gotten midway across the ropes and  saw those cheery faces clapping me across, plus realising it wasn’t such a bad drop to think about if I just looked forward, I became more confident in my footsteps not clinging to one side more so than the other, heading straight down the middle although some sunlight was in my eyes I was feeling no more pinch of worry or slight fear.

Instead, a proudness of pushing myself to climb up those rocks with my Dad and walking by myself at a height with no help gave me an adrenalin kick and was delighted that I had gotten such a  different view and boost of confidence from simply not staying content in the water at these particular mountain lakes and taking on what else the location had to offer.

Now I know I’m speaking for myself and many others when I say “Yes, it is so easy to stay put at you are keeping to your usual routines or habits”  and not really making any changes that come from pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. But it really is one of the keys in your life you can use to unlock so many other doors. I am guilty like a lot of people of not always pushing myself out of my comfort zone and then thinking I will do it another day, then other times I do and the sense of achievement you feel from not listening to that worry for 2 minutes is worth it .

One of the favourite things I have done which pushed me out of my comfort zone was I completed the summer I left high school. I won’t go into detail now as I could write you a separate post on NCS itself, but I will say it definitely transforms your character and adds to your abilities.

So for today all I want to say is , try to put yourself out there whenever possible to try something different without too much fear of what could or could not come from it. Drastic changes everyday may be a bit much sometimes, but remember to challenge yourself every so often to grow and improve as an individual.

In the words of Dr.Seuss ” You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose”

I’m off for a cuppa, thank you!

Charlotte x

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Throwback to my first posts before I discovered WordPress!

These are simply some screenshots of previous content I have created before deciding to move sites and start mostly afresh on this platform – WordPress.  Feel free to browse through some pics at your own leisure to get the gist of some things I post about.

Or if you have any further questions about these and would like to hear more let me know so I can expand on previous posts, likewise I’m very open to constructive feedback if there is something you think could be improved or simply if you have a new idea about anything I have already mentioned in the post screenshots below.

I will be posting ‘in a regular way’ from now on no more screenshots of previous posts, but it just seemed a bit of a shame to throw the others away into the wilderness, removing my other account so thought it would be a mini starter for you guys out there so see what kind of things I talk about.

So have a gander and keep smiling,

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Lottie x