Life and all that jazz

Bits and bobs of happy shots from this week ☺️

Life and all that jazz

A spring outfit ft Olivia&Jo’s shop 👛

Just a little spring inspo whilst I can’t sleep coughing and spluttering 👌 my immune system loves me I swear 😂

Anyhowwww, here is a top I purchased from Olivia&Jo last year which still looks as new as ever ✨ I love the geometrical tiled design and the cheery bright colouring of this top, so it was too hard to look away hence this pleasing purchase🙈

As you may have already guessed yes this is in the changing room and the jeans+shoes are my own.

This shop has such a charming array of clothing whether casual/dressy and and the cutest jewellery you could imagine!!

To head over to their page click on this link below 🎀


Love and hugs,

Lottie x

Spread your wings and explore

Fairy Glen | Furry friends corner 🌿🐶

Daisy: * heh heh heh hehhh* licks nose goes back to panting

Charlie: Well hello there you humans, fine day is it not for an adventure ?

Myself: Hiya! Blimey Charlie, we certainly got a mini workout out of that route with all those steps, especially considering I spent half my time keeping my eyes on you not running off ……

Charlie: I have no recollection of this happening human?? You looked perfectly fine walking through the woods with me, picking up the scents, living freely in the mud

Myself: You mean making sure you didn’t run off on a chase with wildlife and making me dirty from your wrestle sessions with the floor…

Charlie: * sniffs quietly *

Daisy: Ya see, I’m the boss here I say what goes and you better listen. * RUFFFFF * Charlie stop with the pegging it off, it’s getting annoying now when I can’t find you cause of my cataracts – just stay still or you’ll have me to watch out for !!

Myself: So did you have a good time Daisy?

Daisy: Yeah suppose I did yano, can’t complain I needed a breath of fresh air, plus that trip to the other pub after was well good, I made friends with that shepherd dog outside – the one with the waggy tail remember?? Think he was called Jeff but who knows?

Charlie: Hmm, yeah but you weren’t as big a star as me, I walked around the pub inside and everyone I walked up to adored me, just saying how cute I am, they couldn’t resist patting me and telling me that I’m a ‘good boy’.

Myself: Okay, okay I think we’ve heard enough for today guys let’s not argue, we all enjoyed our wander.

Daisy and Charlie: Okay thennnn, guess we both had fun so thank you

Myself: I’m glad we all had fun, here are some pictures so we don’t forget how tranquil it is there when you’re not barking…. Signing off now guys see ya soon x

Spread your wings and explore

Considering a TEFL course? GO for it!!! 🌎

Hi all,

I would like to share with you the joys I’ve had this week, of meeting some amazing people whilst taking on an opportunity that can change both yours and my future plans foreverrrr.

I enrolled myself onto the TEFL Org UK website last month, as I fancy trying a lot of new experiences this year ( not that I don’t usually like to take them on ) but this year I really fancy going for it.

The options for your certificate can range between from choosing a 20 hour ( just 20 hours of theory online) to a 150 hour, but you are clearly advised by the team that completing a certificate with more hours opens you up to more employment opportunities later down the line. Personally, I wanted to do the 130 hour certificate which compromises of 30 practical hours teaching/ learning and 100 hours of the theory online. Earlier this week I completed the 30 practical hours in Manchester  from Mon-Wed, 08:45-18:00 whilst enjoying the Mancunian music and several cups of tea.

I cannot express how much I enjoyed it!!

At times the lessons and practice was intense, I thought I was possibly going to have an anxiety attack on the second day at lunch as the 3 hours before that had been really hard and I just couldn’t get the info to go in properly. But luckily Caroline the teacher, drew us a chart out which helped clear questions up, plus one of my new friends explained it to me a slightly different way so by the time we got back for our teaching practice session on that topic we flew through it and got great feedback from the rest of the team. *Phewwweeeee – wipes sweat from brows*  After that mini hurdle, I felt a lot more confident in the rest of the lessons we presented to the class – having realised if I could get past that one session I truly believed I couldn’t teach, I could definitely do everything else without any fear of things going disastrously wrong :’)

As per usual I had a typical ‘Charlotte moment’  the second morning when I thought I had seen Caroline walking into the lobby with a coffee so went over to give her a hug……only to find out it was a complete stranger and my eyesight had let me down once again arghhhhh!! The picture of the lady’s face sends me splitting my sides whenever I think about it :’) Plus, I then walked downstairs laughing at myself as I couldn’t help it only to realise one of the staff members had seen the whole thing and was now watching me looking like an ill hyena walking past him towards the conference rooms….. please let me just sink into the carpet right nowwwww.

However, I do have to thank Caroline our teacher for being so helpful and understanding about everything and anything. I certainly bit half her ear off with all my questions on the last day about specifics of travel details, further courses to take in addition to this all whilst having a laugh. But of course, those 3 days would not have been the same without the rest of our cheery team, the 19 of us felt like adopted family by the time 6pm came on Wednesday, everybody played a great role in each day whether it was one of the class jokers or one of the ladies throwing banter into the drama productions, no one ever felt left out or had no one to help support them.

Below are two photos of a meal out with one of my new friends Olivia who took me to a vegan pub and Paige ( not in the photo ) who showed me a local Japanese restaurant.

I still have 3-4 months left of modules to complete for this certificate, but I could not be happier to be on my way with this. I am planning to stay in England this year and into the next, as I will do some online TEFL teaching asides from my normal day job in a nursing home with dementia patients 🙂 but next year I hope to make use of this future certificate fully by spending at least 4 months out there in a new culture, learning a new language myself and enjoying teaching the English Language to people of all ages abroad 🙂

I am also excited to have finally figured out what I properly want for my future although that had taken some time I have managed to piece it together. Seeing as I like English, feel passionate about helping/improving peoples lives with of all ages, (have a teaching assistant certificate), some A-levels combination and like to work in a people centred environment – I thought why not go to train for Speech and Language Therapy in future plans? It covers all age groups and a lot of the interests I have in health – mental health, dementia, stroke patients, autism ( I know some people with this condition which increases my interest), mutism, dysphagia and more.

Thank you for taking the time to read this long winded post today 😂 I’m just really excited ✨

Lots of love from Lottie x

Life and all that jazz

Lovely presents from Mum’s mini trip ✨

Once again Mum has cherry picked the most perfect gifts everrrr, from her recent few days away with her boyfriend for an anniversary.

As we’re both fans of all things Cath Kidston she purchased this set of 3 dotty pouches in small, medium and large in a white and blue design. In addition to this, the cartoon/emoji unicorn pen, as yes I still LOVE unicorns at 22 and no I am not ashamed. Last but not least is the wax meltlet – my word for it 😂 in an enticing red raspberry scent that’s good enough to eat!!!

I hope you like these pictures and have a fab weekend ✨

Love from Lottie x

Life and all that jazz

An open letter to Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding

First of all I just want to start by thanking the other men, women, gay’s, bi’s, trans or whoever you may be; we’re all human, who do have respect and manners for such an intimate act before I talk about these two let downs (to put it very nicely).


Paddy and Stuart,


I don’t know about you but last time I checked my diary it said 2018 – not ‘pretty entitled white boys era’. Yourself and all other men involved, should be completely ashamed of yourselves for being part of such a horrific act. I get that you are minorly important rugby players with your head spinning around money making, racism – wearing black make-up dressing as a slave – and not giving one f*** about misogyny. However, when it comes down to real life, MONEY cannot grant you the trust from others of being a decent person with morals. You may have been found ‘not guilty’ by the biased court team (which is made up to the majority with men) but because you simply claim not to have raped this lady, does not mean a thing to the rest of us regardless of your status. Your role as a sports player may remain the same, but in the world’s eyes you will now be seen as a rapist, a narcissist and a lettuce who doesn’t know how to act with other human beings.

Too many times women (and males) have been on the receiving end of unwanted sexual attention and/or touching leading them to feel trapped, uncomfortable, fearful and as though their life is in jeopardy. Would you like to see your Mum/sister/female family member passed around your friends like a piece of filth??? Would you go ahead and call her a ‘Belfast slut?!!’ I do not believe the term ‘ legendary’ is used to describe tearing a hole in a woman’s vagina so much that it heavily bleeds and leaves large bruises internally and externally. Would you?

No wonder there are lesser and lesser reports of sexual abuse/rape due to downright idiots like yourself who get away freely for permanently damaging a woman’s livelihood and scarring her psychologically for life. Not only were her undergarments shown around a courtroom for the world to see, she had to face seeing you lot again which would bring around more trauma which could possibly cause flashbacks to the event for her.

I really hope you learn from your actions and go out of your way to support her and her family, plus give a large donation to crisis centres for woman who have to hide away from men like yourself in order to feel safe.


Charlotte SW