Life and all that jazz

For those of you who have had a poop day

Some days are complete poop. Or poop with extra toppings just because. Other days there may be that same poop but with other reasons as to why it feels/ has gone like that eg you find out some bad news or may have forgotten a chunk of things on your to-do list that didn’t get sorted within your time-frame. This is okay, we are human after all we weren’t designed to be robots with no sense of anything. 

Some days we are full of beans. Or beans on toast with some luscious butter underneath to add extra softness and taste. These days may go amazingly well for no particular reason; just as a different day you may get the same ecstatic feeling of happiness from watching a child telling a favourite joke to their friend, or passing by a beautiful, scented flower on your way home. This too is human, to be able to understand joy expressed inwardly or outwardly through various parts of day to day life. 

However, what is not okay, is to feel as though you are having too much of the first days as we weren’t put on this amazing earth to spend it having a horrible time or feeling as though nothing is going right for you – day in day out.  Life is a balance of both of these days and although we can’t guess our future or sometimes try to control how our life will pan out, the only realistic thing we can do is decide to change our way of thinking about it.

What we have for certain is right now, so we need to focus more on the present but just don’t forget your past and your future. Of course those other two parts play a role in shaping your life, but you define your life daily, by the actions you take and the words you speak.

If you are personally struggling with persistently bad days and don’t feel you can cope, or if you possibly feel numb and unable to feel/express different types of feelings well  – I would strongly suggest that you should go to your GP or with someone you trust to see her/him to talk about your mental health.  With there being so much stigma around mental health, people tend to just try and get on with things or not go after the support they need and rightly deserve. There’s so many people I know who cannot always get the help they need; because they may feel judged by others, or that there isn’t a lot of help left in mental health due to cuts from the government anyway. This is why we need to talk about mental health more often, to allow people to feel they are not alone and that things will get better with time, support and strong set of shoulders to lean on and that they are not being looked upon as ‘weaker’ they are quite the opposite.

So here’s me saying I’m sending love and hugs to all!
I hope you have a fabulous weekend and you are welcome to message me,if you want any extra support or tips or where you can go to for some professional help.

For anyone’s poop day here is a virtual bear hug to you for being an amazing human and still being here today, you rock!!

Keep being your best self 🙂

Lottie x



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