Life and all that jazz

A poem for the young – The Ladybird’s train journey

The ladybird’s train journey

Pressed against the window,
eyes wide open to the outdoors.                             Ladybird and the window

Small dog passing by take note –
He’s got quite sharp, alarming claws!

Rattling along the worn out rails,
this is quite an adventure oh my!

If only I was in dream land too,
with an apple and blackberry pie!

It’s been quite a fun time out with my friends today,
I’ve not stopped laughing for the last half hour.

I’ve had some pretty strange looks from the humans though,
but not all of those people are sour.

Not long until I’m home now,
then I’ll pop the kettle on for some tea.

Or maybe visit Mrs. Ant’s new home for scones and jam,
I’m quite a busy bee!

It’s sunny outside as I leave the train,
I wave goodbye to my friends.

Down past the brook and right of the valley,
the train disappears around the bend.


Hope you all have a fab week, thought I’d have a little change from my regular post styles pointing towards a different age range! 🙂

Lots of love as always,

Lottie x


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