Life and all that jazz

Throwback to my first posts before I discovered WordPress!

These are simply some screenshots of previous content I have created before deciding to move sites and start mostly afresh on this platform – WordPress.  Feel free to browse through some pics at your own leisure to get the gist of some things I post about.

Or if you have any further questions about these and would like to hear more let me know so I can expand on previous posts, likewise I’m very open to constructive feedback if there is something you think could be improved or simply if you have a new idea about anything I have already mentioned in the post screenshots below.

I will be posting ‘in a regular way’ from now on no more screenshots of previous posts, but it just seemed a bit of a shame to throw the others away into the wilderness, removing my other account so thought it would be a mini starter for you guys out there so see what kind of things I talk about.

So have a gander and keep smiling,

Nutribullet – money to extract or retract?
Nutribullet beginner recipe
7 simple ways to give back at Christmas
Giving back at Christmas continued
Panda purchase of the day
10 favourite things about autumn
Book review
Eyore’s thoughts
50 facts about me
50 facts about me
50 facts about me



Lottie x


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