Life and all that jazz

Winter poem 🍂✏️

Hey guys! I felt a bit inspired by a wander of mine the other day, so thought I’d put it into a mini poem for you lovely people ✌🏼

Warm skin embracing the cold air, cheeks tingle to the touch.

Fallen leaves dancing in the dark, boots walking along the sludge.

Winds hightailing down the street , people brace themselves trudging along.

Birds flying back to their rustled nests, calling out their home time song.

The last bus flies past lighting up the road, headphones on the passengers – time to chill out.

The bell rings loud from the local pub, it’s time for the last drinks shout.

Lots of love as always,

Lottie x

Life and all that jazz

🦄 light!

Not gonna lie my unicorn obsession is still going strong at the age of 23….😂

This was part of a Christmas present – but I hadn’t gotten round to buying the batteries for it yet *smacks hand*.

Anyhow here’s my new addition to the unicorn collection, hope you like it as much as I do!!

This product requires 3xAAA batteries and gives off a neon white glow (box colour is a little misleading).

You can order at

Chuffed to say the least!

Love and hugs,

Lottie x

Life and all that jazz

Shine against the dark🌟

How often do you reflect on your mindset and your actions day to day?

More often than not, we’re so focused on our busy lives that we forget to portray the image/virtues of God to others in the midst of our own lives.

As mentioned in the verse above – Jesus showered light onto all those around him and encouraged his followers to do so as-well.

By doing this we show people the love and kindness of God to those around us, so they too can receive the amazing connection Christians share with their father in heaven if they are open to him.

You never know who you may inspire to grow in faith by going out of your way to help somebody with a task, or praying for healing etc, telling of what God has done for you, answering any questions a friend has who may be uncertain of about your faith.

Remember a little can go a long way with the right amount ✨

Don’t be afraid to shine and have a great week!

Lots of love Lottie x

Life and all that jazz

Hair up fun with Jade 🤳🏼

Once again my talented friend (also beauty artist and hair styler) trialled a new look on myself for more upcoming bookings – busy gal!

As prom season is coming up and weddings are always in season, she thought about trying about some new looks for her portfolio.

I have to say I’m a little biased…… but I do LOVE this creation of hers, no filters just passion for her business and smiles all the way.

If you haven’t already go follow her page for make up and hair inspo at Jade’s insta

Happy Thursday everybody,

love from Lottie x

Life and all that jazz

It’s🥕cake time!

Who doesn’t love a slice (or two) of carrot cake here and there? * Hands up guilty *

Here’s a time saving recipe for a delicious homely treat ✨

Asides from these items all you need is 600ml of water and 30ml of vegetable oil.

  1. Put the water into a mixing bowl/tub with oil and give it a little stir
  2. Next empty all carrot mix and give it a good mixing until fully combined
  3. Grease your loaf tin as shown below
  1. Then pop in your mix making sure it’s spread out evenly

5. Pop it into the oven for 15-20 mins on 150 celsius (for fan assisted ovens)

6. Take out of the oven and leave to cool down for a while

7. To make the creamy icing combine a small packet of cream cheese with 7 tablespoons of icing sugar

8. When the cake has fully cooled – apply this topping all around the cake/ or just on the top if you’d prefer

9. To add extra pizazz you could add orange rinds, walnuts etc however I had forgotten to buy an orange 😭

Here is where I apologise for not remembering to take a pic of the entire loaf before eating some with family 😂

Hope you like it!

Love Lottie x

Life and all that jazz


Whether you are spending some time with family, your partner, friends, I hope today is brimmed full of joy for you!

“Love conquers all things: let us too give in to Love” – Virgil ( Roman poet )

Share your love with those around you and remind them how much they mean to you ✨ whether that’s a phone call, cooked meal, presents, quality time or anything else ✨ enjoy what today is all about ❣️

Love Lottie x