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Home made rice pudding

I don’t know about you – but to me home made rice pudding is one of my all fav puddings of all seasons!! In particular of course these more breezy, chilly days do give it an extra oomph factor with it being a comfort food for those not so warm months ahead. Why not treat yourself to a cheeky tuck-in ………..?

Here are the main ingredients my Mum and I use in our kitchen, but obviously you can add extras such as cinnamon or nutmeg, maybe a touch of strawberry jam?






Enjoy your Saturday guys and remember to find me on twitter! 🙂


Love from Lottie x

Life and all that jazz

Fantastic Friday – furry friends

Ah the outdoors
Ah the outdoors
Bench shot ft. Daisy's unimpressed face
Bench shot ft. Daisy’s unimpressed face
"WHAT it's time for the vets?  NOOOO! "
“WHAT it’s time for the vets? NOOOO! “
" Do you like my new brows? Look at me human! "
” Do you like my new brows? I demand you look at me human! “


Hope you like these pics of Charlie and Daisy our little babies in the fam 🙂 Feel free to come up with your own annotations/ ideas about their thoughts in these photos!

Have a funky Friday everyone!!


Lottie x

Life and all that jazz

Pizza Express with Mum 

Mum has been away for a few days this week on a mid week get away and returned this afternoon. As a re-union/welcome back meal my Mum, sisters and I headed out to town so Mum didn’t need to cook. 

Although I actually only remembered to take two pictures, we all very much enjoyed our meals even though I didn’t remember to photograph the others food. ( Just due to me enjoying it so much, which is technically a compliment to the restaurant 😂 ) 

For my starters I had buffalo mozzarella cheese drizzled with pesto, served with piccolo tomatoes. My main was the American  classic pizza – very scrumptious – washed down with San Pelligrino sparkling water. 

Plenty of smiles all around 😊

Love always,

Lottie x

Life and all that jazz

Nutribullet recipe | Fields of gold 

Today’s recipe is very simplistic yet tasty for those who want a refreshing, nutritious drink but may be short on time or resources.

Although there are many other items you could add to this particular smoothie such as bananas, chunks of pineapple or perhaps some rocket takes your fancy – here are just 3 staple items for the recipe to get you started ☺️ but remember to add ice/extra cold milk if you want to make them extra frothy!!  

Love Lottie x 

Life and all that jazz

More love to add to my stationary collection 

Boo! If you’re like me and can’t resist a new pen/ notebook every few months or so you may want to skip this post for fear of another purchase! 😂✌🏼

For you stationary hoarders out there like myself who can never have too many pretty colours, designs and booklets. Here is my latest purchase from TK Maxx! Although I have a saved document on Microsoft of my bucket list, I sometimes prefer things to be written down in front of me to further staple it in my brain as a reminder of fun memories and more of them in the future to come ✨

I loveeeeee rose gold as you may be aware and I liked the simple yet chic choice of text on the front of this notebook. About the gel pens, I haven’t owned any since primary school so I am super excited to use these for  my bucket list as it adds further brightness and merriment to the plans I’ll be writing down whether its the already completed or those yet to come.

Anyhow here we are, I have rambled enough so here they are 

Let me know if you have any fav stationary pieces or recommend more bits to collect. ( I’m also a big fan of Paperchase ) 

Love to you all,
Lottie x