Life and all that jazz

Furry Friday

Charlie has decided he’s finished his week early and would like to take time for that all important nap!!

Night night then….. sweet dreams ☺️✨

Lottie x

Life and all that jazz

Lola my little love | New handbag 🙈

Last night cuddles with this little Miss

I’m that clumsy person who ended up not putting the lid back on my water bottle….. hence some raindrops floating down to my feet and ‘watering’ my belongings – before I decided to go get a new one and put my regular on the radiator 😂😂

This is Red Herring from Debenhams when I was nearest to a clothing and accessories store. I don’t actually own a shopper size black bag so figured it would be great for most purposes as it’s stylish enough for a coffee with friends, yet sleek and spacious enough for work.

I love the contrast of the baby pink against the black with some gold finishing to add a touch of glam!

Plus it’s only £28 in comparison to other designers with similar styles high five✨ 🙏🏼

Hope you all have a fab weekend!!

Lots of love,

Lottie x

Life and all that jazz

January nails | GLOW salon

Seeing as it’s that fresh time of the year, to wipe the cobwebs off and start anew – what better way to treat your nails than with a new polish to signify a fresh palette for 2018!

Anyone who knows me is likely to be aware I’m terrible at making decisions so when it comes to colours where do you start?? Pastels, bright and vibrant, nudes, deep burgundy, delicate designs? Ahhhh!

In the end I decided to go for a soft cocoa colour – as it goes well with most outfits, plus the glitter adds a little sparkle whilst keeping the style sophisticated and modern. As per usual the service was fab, professional and very relaxing!!

To book in with this lovely team, go to GLOW salon you won’t regret it!!

Lots of love,

from Lottie x

Life and all that jazz

Mayonnaise and coconut oil hair mask 🙏🏼

So I’ve been a little naughty towards my hair these last 4 months – going from deep red to my more natural brown (had to bleach in the process) whilst straightening and blow drying which I reduced a little over the last month.

I have decided not to dye my hair for at least another 5 months, in order to give it the replenishment and conditioning care it requires being naturally very curly.

I had heard of this deep hair mask a while back, but was not too keen on the idea of my hair smelling like eggs for a good half hour – but honestly for the results you get it’s more than worth it!!

Your hair receives extra protein and moisture from the mayonnaise whilst preventing any dandruff build up. Plus the coconut penetrates each strand of hair to give a deeper level of nourishment to your cells, whilst adding a shine and reducing frizz !!!

I had my doubts but by golly it works, you need this in your life for a weekly treatment, it’s fab ✔️✔️✔️

Here is my natural curly hair in not very good condition yesterday with some regular conditioner in

Here is what I used this morning

I left this in for 40 mins although you can do 30 as a minimum and here it is after washing it out ( 2 shampoos in the shower and 1 light conditioner)!!

Much healthier, softer and smoother!!

The result of my hair mask Healthy locks over on my twitter page ✨🎀

Go ahead and try it for yourself!!!

Lots of love,

Lottie x