Life and all that jazz

Winter poem 🍂✏️

Hey guys! I felt a bit inspired by a wander of mine the other day, so thought I’d put it into a mini poem for you lovely people ✌🏼

Warm skin embracing the cold air, cheeks tingle to the touch.

Fallen leaves dancing in the dark, boots walking along the sludge.

Winds hightailing down the street , people brace themselves trudging along.

Birds flying back to their rustled nests, calling out their home time song.

The last bus flies past lighting up the road, headphones on the passengers – time to chill out.

The bell rings loud from the local pub, it’s time for the last drinks shout.

Lots of love as always,

Lottie x

Life and all that jazz

Fav’s of the month! ✨

Tried a new scent! Pleasantly surprised ☑️

Libby making my heart melt, all day everyday! 🥰

Valentines ✨😘🤰🏻

Talking to the ducks 😂

Hope everyone is doing well and sorry I hadn’t posted for agesssssssssss. I’m going to try and be a bit more regular with posts than I have been the past few months ☺️

I have an exciting time to look forward to in August with baba on board, but just have been resting and doing my own thing 😁

Lots of love to all,

Lottie x

Life and all that jazz

Fav’s of the week

This wax melt from Yankee Candle in scent ‘Midnight Jasmine’. It’s so dreamy and blissful and has a good burning time of around 22 hrs (depending on how often you use it).

Yasss!! Growth mindset 🤜🏼

July nails – orange with some foil overlay to really hit that that summer vibe! Even if the sun ain’t shining your nails can provide that oomph into your day 🍊🎊

After the caffeine hits …….

A must watch!!

Be your beautiful self and transform peoples lives ✨ small acts of kindness can really pay off 😊

New plant for my flat 🌺

Hope you all have a great week!!

Love Lottie x

Spread your wings and explore

Cefalù poem

Sweeping slopes run through town,

piña coladas are the best to be found.

The lonesome cats meow outside,

fishing boats lap up against the tide.

Some explore the crags of the rocks,

others visit the cathedral as it tick-tocks.

Meandering the streets is where you’ll find,

pottery and goods that are one of a kind.

Come to beaches of golden sands galore,

watch how the starlings dip and soar.

Locals greet you with a smiley ” ciao”,

admire the scenery of here and now.

Beautiful dresses and attractions to see,

dance to Sicilian music with glee.

Visit Cefalù and let your hair down,

sit in the plaza and take in the sounds.

Hope you have a fabulous day!

Love from Lottie x